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Unity is the worlds most pouplar game engine. It is the driving force behind many AR and VR applications. Some games include Beat Saber, Superhot, Pokemon Go and more. Unity is also used for non game applications.  
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I’ve learned more about AR with Dinesh than on any other learning platform out there. He goes through every step of the process with details, covering all sorts of trial & errors. I really enjoy his enthusiasm and dedication. One of the best workshops at an affordable price!

Juan Carlos Ferrá

Dinesh is hands down the best teacher I have come across. Not only does he have an in depth knowledge in topics pertaining to his field but also has the power to simplify concepts for easy understanding!

Ashray Pai

I was amazed at how fast my first Virtual Reality project was up and running while taking Dinesh's class. He is a great teacher and his workshops are not only packed with valuable information but also fun!


What an innovation for the AR/VR industry! That's what everyone waited for!
I'm hyped 👏🏽🔥

Saleh Ibrahim


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Dinesh Punni - Course author

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Dinesh Punni has been eating, drinking and breathing immersive technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) for more than 5 years now. Today, he uses his experience to pave the way for upcoming professionals by teaching them how to create immersive experiences on his YouTube channel and immersive insiders, his online education platform.
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What Unity version are we going to use?

We will work with the Unity 2020.3.3f1 LTS version but you can use newer versions as well. I'd recommend to follow the course with the same version before you try out newer ones though.

Do I need special hardware?

You only need a PC or Mac, nothing else.

What are the prerequisites?


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Sure, you can always send us an email to We're happy to help!

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